Audio production and consulting work:

2018-2019: Journalist and interviewer for the 37 Voices Project. Working with a team of five other journalists and several community groups including Free Press, coLAB Arts, and the United Way of Northern NJ, I collected oral histories from residents of New Jersey’s Essex and Middlesex Counties to capture a snapshot of the 37% of households in the state that earn less than the basic cost of living and have trouble affording things like housing, child care, food, healthcare, and transportation. The interviews were then transcribed and archived on a website, turned into podcasts and a dramatic performance, and used by researchers at Rutgers who are studying issues of inequality. We also wrote in-depth articles examining some of the topics that were raised in our conversations. Read more background about the project here.

2013-2014: Contract editor for the Oklahoma Tornado Project, a year-long series produced by public radio station KGOU in Central Oklahoma, focusing on the aftermath of the deadly tornadoes that hit the state in May, 2013.

2009: Consultant for the [murmur] audio project in Orange, NJ, where I taught high school students in an after-school program to record oral history stories from fellow Orange residents and business owners. The stories were then posted on a telephone voicemail system, and signs were placed around town, giving people a phone number they could call while standing at given locations to "hear about here."

2009 - present: Miscellaneous audio recording and production services for various clients including NPR, BBC World Service, Marketplace, This American Life, The World, Freakonomics, Studio 360, Latino USA, Transmitter Media, Pineapple Street Media, Pushkin Enterprises, Somethin’ Else, Pop-up Magazine, Weekend America, Sirius OutQ, Prison Radio, National Native News, AARP, Radiolab, Radio for Peace International, Pacifica.

February, 2008: Gathered profiles of Oklahoma voters for The New York Times website for "Voices from the Polls," an interactive feature for Super Tuesday


Lectures and presentations:

photo courtesy of Derek Palmer / Emerson College

photo courtesy of Derek Palmer / Emerson College

May, 2019: Expression: Live! speech to members of the Emerson College Alumni Association in Boston, MA about my podcast and road trip to Mongolia as part of the 2016 Mongol Rally - LINK (begins at 37:30)

March, 2017: Guest panelist at National Broadcasting Society-AERho (National Electronic Media Association) NY-NJ Convention. Topic - "Mobile Media: Stories on the Go," East Rutherford, NJ

April, 2016: Guest panelist at Rutgers University Department of Journalism discussion on "Cleaning up New Jersey's Toxic Legacy," New Brunswick, NJ

March, 2016: Featured speaker at Missouri School of Journalism / Reynolds Journalism Institute's Collaboration Culture Symposium, discussing my collaborative reporting on New Jersey's recovery from Superstorm Sandy / Video of my talk here

June, 2015: Featured speaker at ivoh's Restorative Narrative Summit in Haines Falls, NY

June, 2014: Presenter at "Stories You Can't Tell on the Radio," UnionDocs Center for Documentary Arts, Brooklyn, NY

April, 2014: Panelist at Innovating the Local News Ecosystem conference at Montclair State University

January, 2009: Presenter of "An Evening of Memorable Audio" at Untitled [ArtSpace], Oklahoma City, OK

October, 2006: Co-moderator of Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Debate on OETA / Oklahoma Public Television

July, 2006: Moderator of Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate at the University of Oklahoma

June, 2006: Moderator of Oklahoma Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidates Debate, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Marantz PMD 661 and 660 digital flash recorders

  • Tascam DR-40 digital flash recorders

  • Rode NTG-2 and AT835b shotgun microphones

  • PSC Windboss zeppelin microphone windscreen housing

  • AKG D230 ENG omnidirectional microphone

  • CAD Trion 7000 ribbon mic / Grace Design M101 preamp

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 digital audio interface

  • M-Audio FireWire Solo recording interface

  • JK Audio Broadcast Host digital telephone hybrid

  • Teac MD-H300 minidisc deck

  • Yamaha MG124c mixing console

  • Bose studio monitors

  • Auralex Acoustics sound tiles

  • Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-V6 headphones

  • Hindenburg Journalist Pro audio editing software

  • Panasonic Toughbook models CF-53 and 73